Tara Clune is a motion-graphics designer and animator living and working in the Hudson Valley. She is a 2016 Sundance Ignite Fellow and is currently developing an animated web series entitled Support for the Living Dead about a community of monsters in therapy. Tara also works for the Sundance Institute as a content creator and motion graphics artist and was hired to collaborate on the trailer for Sundance’s 2016 NEXT FEST.  Additionally, she has created graphics for the documentary series Foster Care Films, the band Trumpeter Swan, and the American Management Association.

In addition to her work as a motion graphics artist, Tara has worked as a teaching artist for the Children’s Museum of Art, Antidote FX, and, currently, the Jacob Burns Film Center in Westchester, where she received the Valentine and Clark Emerging Artist Fellowship in the Spring of 2015.  In her free time, she loves exploring mansions built by crazy millionaires in the 1800’s, pretending she can rap, and obsessing about Halloween, no matter how many months away it is. 



E-MAIL: taraclune28@gmail.com